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Why Hire a Virtual Marketing Team?


With the whole world online, a strong online presence will help your company grow quicker. It will help increase your company's visibility and get your name out there ahead of the competition. Whereas traditional advertising often only creates one way communication, virtual marketing allows for communication both ways as you have provided a way for the potential client to contact you and allows you to build a relationship.

Lead Generation

Generating leads can be a time consuming task that takes you away from doing great work for your business. A virtual marketing team can take on the task and help bring quality new leads to your business. Marketing can be targeted to specific audiences who are looking for your product.


In this day and age, if you want to remain competitive in your field, digital marketing is a must or you will fall behind the competition. To keep up, your company must have an effective digital marketing campaign to help generate leads and gain visibility.

How Can A Virtual Marketing Specialist Help

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your company. Unique, targeted emails stand out among all the others. 

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SEO Optimization

Search engines bring traffic to your website and SEO  is the way to bring organic traffic there. More traffic means more engagement and building out specific keywords that are relevant will bring you potential quality leads. 

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Social Media

This type of marketing is unique in that brands can interact directly with their audience. It is also use to increase recognition of your brand and drive website traffic. You can use paid ads through various platforms to showcase your company. 

Who Can Benefit From Using a Virtual Marketer?

Anyone who has a business who would like to get their name out there!

Virtual Marketing is a must if you want to grow your company

Frequently Asked Questions

They are professionals from all parts of the world who have had training and experience in online marketing for a variety of companies. 

We require our contractors to sign Confidentiality Agreements to protect all parties. We also suggest using a password manager like Last Pass and using randomly formed passwords for sites that you will share with your website specialist and never sharing passwords for important sites such as banking and credit card. 

Great Question! That would be something that needs to be discussed between the two of you and your Virtual Marketing Specialist will be aware of this as it is covered during our onboarding process. If there are times that are better for you (i.e. holidays, slow periods), please let them know that it would be a good time for time off. 

We understand that not every match may be perfect and that’s why Streamline is here! We will work together to find a solution and if that solution means a new Virtual Marketing Specialist, we will find you one as soon as possible to make sure there will be as little downtime as possible!