Spend Time Doing What You Love, Let A Virtual Assistant Do The Rest.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Me


Are the emails piling up and inbox running out of room? Are you adding to your to do list but having trouble crossing anything off? Do you find yourself up late finishing work and paying for it the next day?

Don't try to do it all and continue on the road to burn out.

A VA can help you check off tasks on your to-do list.


If growing your business is your goal, it is time to get help with the day to day tasks so you have have time to concentrate on your clients.

Having a VA to handle all the important back end tasks crucial to your business will allow you to focus on scaling your business.


Ever find yourself having difficulty priortizing when everything seems important? Take delegable work tasks out of the equation and use that extra time to grown your business, to spend with your family, friends, or working on your health.

A VA can take care of tasks that do not need your direct attention so that you can focus that attention somewhere more worthwhile.

A Virtual Support Team Can Add Hours to Your Day and Transform Your Productivity

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Administrative Tasks

Email and Schedule Maintenance including inbox and calendar management. 

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Research & Reports

Market research, reaching out to brokers, and finding deals. 

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Simple Bookkeeping

A VA can help with data input, invoices, and bills to keep financials up to date and orderly. 

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Social Media Management

A VA can create content, schedule posts, monitor activity, and respond to comments and messages. 

Direct Marketing

A VA can assist with direct marketing including cold calling, texting, and management of campaigns. 


From data entry to cleaning up your inbox, to booking vacations, a VA can help you keep all your tasks organized and completed in a timely manner. 

Who Can Benefit From Having a Virtual Assistant

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Realtors
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Teachers
  • Consultants
  • Online Businesses
  • Property Owners

.....Basically anyone with delegable tasks that they do not have time to do!

Getting started will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are professionals from around the world who have had training in remote work. We have vetted them to make sure that they are familiar with the spoken and written language as well as being ready to work, and courteous with incredible work ethic among other attributes.  

Absolutely! Streamline will walk you through onboarding and will be available for the duration to help with any questions or problems that may arise. 

You will be assigned one specific Virtual Assistant who will be working for you. If the Virtual Assistant is needed full time, that specific assistant will be dedicated to you. If you only require a virtual assistant part time, they may be also working with someone else part time as well. 

We require our contractors to sign Confidentiality Agreements to protect all parties. We also suggest using a password manager like Last Pass and using specifically formed passwords for sites that you will share with your Virtual Assistants and never sharing passwords for important sites such as banking and credit card. 

We offer 2 flat rate pricing: 20 hours per week  (part time) or 40 hours per week. Our clients often find that there’s actually enough things for a VA to do that they may not have thought of!

Great Question! That would be something that needs to be discussed between the two of you and your Virtual Assistant will be aware of this as it is covered during our onboarding process. If there are times that are better for you (i.e. holidays, slow periods), please let them know that it would be a good time for time off. 

If you need work to be done on the weekends, please let us know on our discovery call so we can match you with a virtual assistant who can work on the weekend. 

We understand that not every match may be perfect and that’s why Streamline is here! We will work together to find a solution and if that solution means a new Virtual Assistant, we will find you one as soon as possible to make sure there will be as little downtime as possible!

If you anticipate needing your virtual assistant to be handling calls for you, let us know during the discovery call and we will find you one with experience on the phone!