We are The Streamline Team

With our expert virtual assistants by your side, we’ll tackle your tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


In today’s busy world, we see a future where people and businesses succeed without getting overwhelmed by small tasks.

The Streamline Team is on a mission to be the top virtual agency, changing how tasks are done. We’re integrating our virtual assistants into daily routines, giving people more time, better focus, and the chance to follow their passions.

Together, we’re building a future where being efficient means having the space to reach for your dreams.


To redefine productivity by providing unparalleled virtual assistance to individuals and businesses worldwide. We commit to understanding the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their tasks are handled with utmost precision and dedication.

By doing the heavy lifting, we empower our clients to focus on their core objectives, drive growth, and cherish life’s important moments.

Our mission is not just to complete tasks but to streamline dreams into reality.


At the Streamline Team, we specialize in elevating efficiency for both individuals and businesses. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating cutting-edge virtual assistant services into everyday routines, freeing our clients from the burden of mundane tasks. We empower people to reclaim their time, concentrate better, and pursue their passions. Our role is to simplify complexities, streamline workflows, and enable our clients to achieve their true potential with the support of innovative and personalized virtual solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been where you are right now, with a hundred plates up in the air, trying to juggle all of them. While trying to do everything, we had to give up time with our families and time to work on growing our business to do time consuming tasks that can easily be delegated with just a bit of training. Let us help take care of finding the right person to help you with those tasks. 

Finding a good Virtual Assistant is a time consuming task in itself and is often the reason why many don’t take the plunge into getting help. We take this headache away by using our years of experience of working with VAs to find you the right one. 

We know the hiccups that can come with working with a VA because we’ve been there before. We will provide support along the way, along with guidance on how to integrate a VA into your team to help you grow. 

Our various team members come with years of experience, ranging from management, hospitality, owing businesses, marketing, and web design. Our core team also come with years of experience working with virtual assistants and see the benefits of how they can help our business grow. Our support team have experience working with individuals all around the world in a variety of different fields, making them versatile and highly adaptable to what you would need from them. 

Who Are We?

Our core team comprise of a pair of husband and wife teams who have firsthand, life changing experience with the addition of virtual assistants in their lives. Both are business owners who struggled to create work-life balance and often find themselves working during all hours on time-consuming tasks while sacrificing valuable time with their families. By fate, they all met while networking for a real estate event but that conversation quickly digressed from real estate to how to help others in leveraging virtual assistants. A short time later, The Streamline Team is formed.

In no time, they became just a piece of the puzzle as the team began to grow. The core of the company is formed by our crew of passionate, gifted individuals, all ready to share their talents with you all. They are the life force, the spark behind our company. While we all do not share an address or an office, what we do share are our values, our work ethic, and our dedication to our clients. We are all ready to help you scale your business, check off things on your to-do list, help build systems, and by doing all of that, give you back your time for what is most important.

We Would Love to Help You

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?