Alex & Helen Tam

As longstanding business owners, we understand that we are nothing without our customers which is why we go above and beyond when it comes to provide excellent service and value. We intend to bring that quality of customer service to serve the clients of The Streamline Team. 

Raised in urban California, we met in high school and both went on to pursue degreesin post graduate education. After receiving our degrees, we opened our business to serve our community in a suburb in California. Between working in and managing our office and becoming new parents while trying to grow our business concurrently, we found themselves struggling to find a work-life balance. Working 12+ hour days became common and weekends were spent at the office attempting to make a dent on what was not completed during the week. Burnout felt near. 

Things turned around for the better when we had a lightbulb moment: what if we hired someone to do tasks that can be delegated virtually, like social media management, video editing, etc? The first virtual assistant was a game changer, so much so that we hired another. And then another. With our business growing, we have expanded our team of in office staff, as well as our virtual assistant family. All of our virtual assistants are highly valued members of our team and we are truly grateful to all of them for changing our lives. 

We value experiences, whether it is making memories with our family, or traveling to new places and learning about new cultures. We want you to value your experience with The Streamline Team when starting your journey with virtual assistants and hope to make the transition as seamless and easy on you as possible.

Alex and Helen